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Hours: Fri & Sat 8am till 8pm | Mon Wed Thurs & Sun 8am to 1pm

"Cafe-Coustic Brunch with WagonWorks" - live acoustic music Saturdays 10am till noon

Curbside pickup, outdoor seating and in-house seating available.

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Welcome to Hope & Coffee

Hope & Coffee was created to be a social gathering place where people can safely connect with others and get together with friends to socialize.

It’s a place where folks can be certain there’s not going to be any drugs or alcohol.

Hope & Coffee is for everybody. For those in recovery, those under twenty-one, and for families with kids who just want to get out and have a good time.

Hope & Coffee is dedicated to serving the “best darn” coffee from around the world:

  • Honduras
  • Sumatra
  • Ethiopia
  • Columbia

And the tastiest homemade baked goods in the region!

Now Available - Coffee to Take Away and Brew at Home

Our Menu

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This coffee comes to us from a cluster of smallholder farms in the Las Flores micro-region of Santa Bárbara in Western Honduras. The beans are washed on the farms and sun-dried at the San Vicente dry mill in Peña Blanca. In the cup, Yojoa has a soft, savory body with an overall mellow profile. Look for raw cocoa and caramel, with notes of black walnut and plum.
Origin: Western Honduras
Elevation: ~5,000 ft.
Process: Hand-Picked and Wet-Processed

This coffee is produced along the Western shore of Lake Toba, in Northern Sumatra. It brews a rich, heavy bodied cup loaded with complex layers of earthy flavor. Look for notes of tobacco, squash, and a tame spiciness.
Origin: Lake Toba, Northern Sumatra
Variety: Typica
Elevation: 4200 – 5000 ft.
Process: Hand-Picked, Wet Hulled, & Sun-Dried on Patios
Harvest: September-May

This comes to us from the legendary Harrar region of eastern Ethiopia. What makes this particular Harrar coffee so special is that it consists of 100% pure Abidir beans (most so-called Harrar coffees are blended with lower quality beans). It is also notable for the extremely intensive hand-sorting that it undergoes after harvest. In the cup, look for notes of dark chocolate and mild strawberry, followed by a rich, earthy finish.
Origin: Eastern Ethiopia
Variety: Ethiopian Abidir
Elevation: ~5,500 ft.
Process: Natural, Wet Processing / Hand-Picked

This coffee comes to us from the Finca Potosi coffee farm in Caicedonia, a municipality in the beautiful Valle del Cauca region of Western Colombia. The farm has been run by the Herrera family for over 40 years and they pride themselves on sustainable cultivation and amazing quality. The cherries are wet-processed on-site, which gives the Herrera’s strict control over the quality of the final product. Valle del Cauca has a silky medium body with a very savory character. Look for hints of cocoa, caramel, black cherry, and peach.
Origin: Western Colombia
Elevation: ~5,400 ft.
Process: Hand-Picked and Wet-Processed

We need to transform our community into a place that is recovery-friendly, that understands recovery, supports people in recovery, and provides opportunities for people in recovery.

— Micah Gursky, Executive Director

On July 19, 2019
We Celebrated Our First
Hope & Coffee Anniversary

Because of donors and generous community members like you, Hope & Coffee celebrated our one year anniversary! With your continued support, Hope & Coffee can continue the bold and charitable mission to normalize recovery by serving the very best coffee and treats in a safe, recovery-friendly coffee shop that prioritizes hiring people, vendors and contractors in recovery. During our first year, we helped more than 12 people by creating a meaningful place for them to work while serving more than 2,500 customers! Times News video coverage of the event available here.

There is no set “amount” for the donation—click the button to give what you can afford—and please stop by to let the world know that our community supports and celebrates those in recovery from addiction.

Be sure to check out all the great buys in our online store!

Your online purchases of logo gear and coffee help to support our mission of normalizing recovery.

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