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Hope & Coffee will be a place where we can remember those we’ve loved and cared about who were lost to their addictions. And… a place where we can celebrate the recovery of those who embrace it.

— Lisa Jane Scheller

Lisa Jane Scheller, Our Benefactor

Lisa Jane Scheller is currently the President and Chairman of Silberline Manufacturing Co., Inc. Silberline is a third-generation family-owned and operated business since 1945. It is a world leader and global supplier of high-quality special effect and performance pigments, headquartered in Tamaqua, Pennsylvania.

Lisa has made enhancing her home town of Tamaqua her passion. In addition to her past participation on Tamaqua’s Industry Development board, she has been involved with many organizations such as the Salvation Army, Tamaqua Arts Center, LCCC, and more.

Most recently, Lisa has spearheaded Hope and Coffee ™. Her experience with opioid addiction and recovery had put her on a path to help normalize recovery and help those struggling to recover here.

Lisa grew up and attended school in Tamaqua. She possesses a Master of Science Degree in Manufacturing System Engineering from Lehigh University and a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Math from the University of Colorado.

In her free time, Lisa likes to travel, hike and bike.

Micah Gursky, Our Executive Director

Hope & Coffee is a socially-conscious endeavor that sells the best coffee and homemade baked goods around these parts in a way that magnifies our impact in the community. We aim to:

  1. Demonstrate that recovery is normal in our selecting of vendors and suppliers, choosing contractors, hiring staff and in all our other actions; we celebrate recovery every day in every way.
  2. Make safe, hassle-free “hyper-available meeting space” easily accessible to recovery organizations as well as the public at large.
  3. Present those not immediately affected by substance abuse and recovery with opportunities to engage the issues just by stopping by to enjoy a cup of coffee and a sticky bun.
  4. Offer extended hours of operation; we will open early in the morning and stay open till late at night.
  5. Operate according to stringent business principles to ensure our success and sustainability.
Loren Collura, Our Manager

Loren grew up in Tamaqua. She views Hope & Coffee as the perfect opportunity to support and normalize recovery. She believes that by creating positive connections for people who are committed to recovery, healthy living is possible. People deserve a chance at leading better lives and are likely to do so when there is available a safe, recovery-positive and judgment-free environment.

She believes that facilitating healthy connections for all ages is also a way that we can address the prevention of substance abuse within Tamaqua and surrounding areas. By supporting recovery through delicious coffee, excellent customer service, positive surroundings, community involvement, and substance-free fun, Loren feels that we can move forward as a community. She is very excited about this special opportunity to create and share a safe place for all people to enjoy in a way that does not involve alcohol or drugs.

Loren has 15 years of restaurant experience, and seven years of restaurant management. She is currently attending graduate school at Drexel University for Substance Use Disorders Treatment.

And she loves coffee and sticky buns!

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